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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

SWEET 16 !

Today, June/1st/2006 marks well I'll give ya a hint it's not my birthday. If you haven't figured out by the fruity Rainbow colors I'm using your retarded, or should I say GAY. Yes it is GAY DAYS sixteenth birthday. You know what that means, there going to be swarming the streets and fucking licking each others asses all over the place. I guess I can stop using the fag ass colors.

SO IF YOUR AS HOMOFOBIC AS ME. STAY THE HELL INSIDE!! What the fuck is the point of this bullshit. Why do they need days stating that there going to be out in full force. On the other hand they do give us a fair warning.But there isn't STRAIGHT DAYS. Well I guess that is all the other days. I really could care less if its Gay Days. At least its a fair warning not to go to Disney or any other theme park that loves there company.

Disney is one of the most known theme parks little kids go to and when they see two guys kissing there pretty fucking confused. Of course if you see two hot ass lesbians kissing that wouldn't confuse me at all. That's a different story. But its still not right. How messed up would it be to walk in the bathroom in Disney and your about four or five years of age and you see two homo ass queefs all over eachother. NO COMMENT!

I really don't have no problems with gays as long as they don't make a move on me. Why the hell they choose to have that lifestyle... I have no Idea in hell.. I also don't know why some hot ass girls are lesbian???? That really confuses me. Come on.... Please don't express yourselves on the streets and keep it in the bedroom. Spare us from seeing that gruesome cumfest of shit.

Please don't pick out a certain color to wear on gay days. When I was about 6 or 7 I went to Disney...And coincidently On gay day... I didn't have no Idea what the hell that was going on. Groups of men all in red shirts every were, a couple lesbos here and there. I was wearing a red tank top, and a lot of people probably thought I was a flaming faggot.

Once we left the park and I was totally confused about all the people that where there, my cousin told me, and I Quote so I wont piss anymore faggots off (not that it would anyway but you never know. There already confused or confusing enough as it is) "Everyone wearing red was gay". She probably said something else, but I forgot because That was a while ago. I finally figured out why all those guys were holding hands, or balls and kissing...YUCK!!!!!!That is the day I learned what Gay was.

Today is also the start of hurricane season. Maybe We will get lucky and one would come and blow all the Queers away.


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